Coffee Photo Mug – 15oz


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Do you like cannabis with your coffee?

This is quite possibly the perfect sized mug! It holds almost 2 cups of coffee. The mouth opening is the ideal size to not allow a hot drink to cool down too quickly.

Featuring high resolution photos by Resinated Lens

Choose from:

  1. Macro Branch – Cannabis composite  image with two captures from the same plant. A highly detailed trichome macro image that spans to a cola branch shot.
  2. Fan of Fan Leaves – A front and backside image of the same fan leave showing her fade, showcasing green and purple.
  3. Branch Shot with Reaching Fan Leaves –  This design shows the bud and branch structure, as well as the lovely fade colors on the fan leaves.


  • High Quality Photo Print
  • 15oz Ceramic Coffee Mug
  • For Home, Office
  • White Interior, White Handle, Full Print Exterior
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe – Hand washing preserves the vibrancy of the image longer.
  • Designed in USA, imported
  • Printed in USA


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Gello 4:1 Macro Trichome and Branch, Punch Breath Live Branch, Fan of Fan Leaves


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