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3 THC Diamonds focused stacked and balanced with blue background

RESINATED LENS | A Professional Photographer FOCUSED on the Cannabis Industry specializing in Creative Services with over 20 years of experience working with Clients.

Specializing in macro-photography, inflorescence – live branch and product photography.

Offering videography, on-location and aerial drone photography.

Current Photography offerings:

      • Art – Large Scale Prints for Galleries, Offices,  Business Display
      • Drone – Aerial Photography and Videography
      • Macro – Macro and Extreme Macro (Micro) Photography
      • Marketing – Product, Events & Cannabis Competitions
      • Media – Magazines, Advertisements, Social Media, Website
      • On-Location – Processors, Producers, Retail Product or Facility
      • Print – Catalogs, Packaging, Sales Material, Merchandise
      • Product – Flower, Edibles, Glass, Accessories
      • Studio – Special Effects, Controlled, Highly Technical Shots

Your company needs photos, the stronger the more effective. A stunning photo in a gallery or catalog can help legitimize and reinforce your offerings and plant the seed that will turn into sales. Out of focus pictures or off-colors do not help sell product or services, they devalue them.

Creative images and desirable photos are necessary for a variety of reasons such as

        • Branding
        • Marketing
        • Advertising
        • Website
        • Packaging
        • Financing Pitching to Investors
        • Merchandise

Expectations | Keep it Simple and Pain-free

Once I have the project information, I provide a clear timeline of production and final delivery as well as itemized pricing and specifics. I prefer project based pricing and pricing per image, this helps ensure the project stays within budget and there aren’t any surprises

Next steps | Contact Resinated Lens

Need photography or have an idea your floating?

Take a minute to fill out my contact form. I’ll respond within 24 hours answering your questions, availability, pricing options and other specifics. 

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