Working For Free Doesn’t Work

I get a fair amount of reach -outs asking for advice on making it in this industry which can seem cut-throat at times.

I actually respond to everyone. Let’s dive into this. No, you shouldn’t work for free. You need to start out somewhere, I understand. You might feel like there aren’t many options or you don’t bring as much to the table as of yet. It’s a mindset, I’m not saying you shouldn’t charge a reasonable rate that aligns with your experience or lack of. It’s OK to TRADE in some way that will mutually benefit. When work is given away the result is- it devalues it unless it’s a hobby free work will not get you any farther along.

That client won’t stick around during the transition from FREE to professional rates.

Here is my full response:

✋ 🛑 You need to change your mindset if you expect to make it. At least call it a trade and acknowledge your offering something of value. If your time and efforts are to be given away for free, you will not turn those into clients. It only devalues what you trying to do. It’s a huge problem of canna companies expecting photos and media to be done for free, cause people keep offering it up at first thinking that will get them entry. It won’t. You just gotta be real with it, let them know it’s an intro rate or your doing a trade.

It’s ok to say your just starting out and your going to charge them little, it’s the mindset and principle that it must be paid work. Other than a favor, and you shouldn’t be handing out random favors to anyone.

You got this though. It sure wasn’t a quick process for me, but I think if you stick to your guns and keep at it you’ll find a way.

– RL
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