Cannabis Aged 1 Year

Check out what happens after 1 year.

Same bud photographed a year later.
 As it ages it changes. WHICH ONE WOULD YOU PREFER TO SMOKE?

This specific bud was stored in a small glass jar and stored in a closed cardboard box out of light for 1 year at 60-74F. Same settings and setup for the comparison shots.

Is this interesting? Should I go another year? I’ve done this with about 15 strains.

From personal experience and observations

– I’ve noticed the leaves of the bud will darken, the green will fade and become more brown over time, purple can become more gray or even burgundy. Trichomes begin to mature to amber, even after the initial curing with age it seems to still mature the trichomes. I have found the sedative effects to be stronger on older weed (matured trichomes?) Sometimes it’s just like over-eating and you will just want to sleep, or you will drag if you resist the urge to sleep. The smell and flavor also changes. Terpenes start to change. When it’s stored for year(s) without interruption the change can be swayed by some environmental factors.  Was the bud handled without gloves prior to this? The traces of bacteria, oils from hands and other contaminants can play a role in the development of the aging cannabis.  The specific strain definitely plays a role, purple weed seems to hold up really nice flavor wise.  Anything with a menthol, mint, or deep purple holds up well. The fruity strains flavors can get funky. I’ve noticed a strawberry fields turn from a sweet faint berry smell to a loud rotten mango. I’ve also noticed smokey smells, and less personally desirable notes… Often it’s the outer surface area of the nug, and once you crack it open a more pleasant smell will be found.

Let’s hear your thoughts on AGED WEED, or is it just OLD WEED?? Tell me what you know or have experienced in the comments. 


This specific bud was was stored in a small glass jar and stored in a closed cardboard box out of light for a year in 60-74 degree temperature. Same camera settings and light setup for the comparison shots.

This bud is Gnome Walker by @gnomegrownorganics
It was entry No. 7225 at last years @cultivationclassic
Photography by @resinated_lens

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