Behind the Lens

Behind the scene setup for a lunar eclipse cannabis photo

My favorite personal shots have a backstory. I was determined to get a cannabis photo during a lunar eclipse this past summer. I could have created a better image with multiple angled shots and compositing – but this wasn’t for an ad -this was for me, it had to be real.

The Red of a lunar eclipse is for a short duration of the entire eclipse, that was surprising. After dialing in my settings, I realized the moon was higher in the horizon than I anticipated, and a fence blocked the view of the plant from shooting at ground level. I tried everything I could think of but nothing would quite get me that height I needed. My ideas were starting to get a little more risky, as the red started to fade. Finally I remembered my ladder. I use them all the time to get me to the right perspective, but somehow I needed to get that plant up there. At that point the Red had completely faded, it looks more like a moon shot-but this is my favorite lunar eclipse photo that I’ve taken to date.

Often we just see walls and obstacles, often it’s just our perspective we must change.

-Resinted Lens

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