Crows, Seagulls and Eagles

Aerial shot of Willamette Falls with two bald eagles

Willamette Falls, Oregon City, Oregon

I was remote flying my quadcopter (drone) the other morning working on a personal project at Willamette Falls.  It was a beautiful peaceful morning shortly after sunrise. The air was cool but not cold.  This spot of the Willamette River often has quite a lot of bird activity, I’ve become accustom to seeing crows, seagulls, ducks, geese, lots of little birds and the occasional hawk. This was my first time seeing an eagle there, let alone two!

I had done a few passes towards Mt Hood and was making another south back towards the falls when a couple of bald eagles buzzed my drone.  They swiftly came out of seemingly nowhere and disappeared almost as fast. I managed to capture a picture of them before they were too far off in the distance. Enlarge the picture and you’ll see the pair in the center rapidly flapping their wings making distance fast.

FAA licensed remote pilot

I am a FAA licensed remote pilot. If you are interested in having aerial photography or video.  Contact me.