Party Time!! Santa made it to the studio just in time!

Santa’s here and he’s ready to party!!

OMG looks like me and some online friends made the dope list!!!!

Santa with joint and beer coming out of chimney, he's ready to Party!

I asked Santa to bring bud, he laughed and said he knows it’s sh*tty beer but he’s gotta stay hydrated when he works!

Thanks for checking out this series of 12 days of Santa + Cannabis, you probably didn’t know he was such a party guy! If you happened to miss the other 11 posts, check them out!  Please reach out if you have any interest in carrying greeting cards, posters, or other creative Cannabis material for your dispensary or shop.  Thanks!

Merry Christmas

Santa always appreciates a little help picking out just the right tree…

?? Happy Holidays!

Stay tuned for more in my Santa +Cannabis series…

Santa cannabis trees Polaroid

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