Marijuana vs Cannabis – Word Choice Why it Matters

Cannabis Leaf of Grandpa's Gun Chest Strain

This site refers to the Cannabis plant (Cannabis; Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis), as the botanical name for the plant ‘Cannabis’

Marijuana vs cannabis, does it even matter?  Yes it does – The word ‘marijuana’, was a term popularized by the Drug Policy Alliance (precursor to the DEA) in the 1930’s. The same hysteria and propaganda that echo’d racist and untrue myths about the cannabis plant and its users can be felt through the connotations of the word ‘marijuana’ to some people. The word was utilized and promoted by for it’s Mexican sounding name, that was campaigned to vilify minorities and spread false claims about cannabis and its users.  Some words are just left better to the past, cannabis has much more positive connotations, than marijuana, it also is the botanical name of the plant that is widely used throughout the world. Whatever you like to call it; grass, refer, weed, pot, dope, flower, herb, 420, green, bud, etc. I prefer to call it cannabis.

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