A glassblower holds a flaming torch on a bong that is starting to take shape from the flames.
From in Studio to on Location

A photographer focused on the industry

I offer several types of photography for cannabis companies. I began professional photography in 2007, back then I was primarily shooting architectural, commercial and fashion. When I transitioned over to marijuana photography I specialized in macro. I am now currently offering aerial (drone) photography and video, social media, Videography, and branding. Below is a list of current offerings:

Cannabis specific photography services

      • Location – Processors, Producers and Retail
      • Studio- Special Effects, Controlled, Dedicated
      • Product – Flower, Edibles, Accessories, Glass
      • Drone- Aerial Photography and Videography
      • Macro – Macro and Extreme Macro
      • Media – Magazines, Ads, Social Media, Website
      • Print – Catalogs, Packaging, Sales Material
      • Marketing – Lifestyle, Events & Cannabis Competitions
      • Art – Large scale Prints for Galleries, Office and Business Display

You need creative images and desirable photos

Branding, marketing, advertising, website, packaging and pitching to investors – Your company needs photos, the stronger the more effective. Out of focus pictures or off-colors do not help sell product or services, they devalue them. A stunning photo in a gallery or catalog can help legitimize and reinforce your offerings and plant the seed that will turn into sales.


With over 18 years of experience working with clients on creative projects, I have learned to keep things simple and pain free. Once I have the project information, I provide a clear timeline of production and final delivery as well as itemized pricing and specifics. I prefer project based pricing, this helps ensure the project stays within budget and there aren’t any surprises.

Next Step?

Have a photography need or idea your floating? Take a minute to fill out my contact form. I’ll respond within 24 hours answering your questions about availability, pricing options and other specifics.

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