Sample #14 -7768- Cultivation Classic Judging

Sample: # 7768

Sample #7768 from Cultivation Classic 2016 Judging

  • Nose: 4
  • Taste: 5
  • Effect: 9

Notes: 1.5 gram sample – 9:01AM: Gorgeous nugs, great trim and shape with lots of orange hairs with mid and light toned greens.  Smells like cannabis + a sweet floral scent almost like rose?  Once the nug was cracked it had strong fuel/diesel/gas smells but with some bright notes.  The vapor tastes earthy, a little fuel-ish, maybe some citrus.  There is lots of layers and complexity to the flavor. 9:26AM Feeling good upbeat, motivated.  10:06am Bong- Expansive smoke in my lungs… Big head rush.  10:36 loosing track of time, a little off-task, my neck/back aches are almost all gone.

7768High Noon CultivationVeganic White RussianTHC OUTDOOR

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