Sample #12 -1000- Cultivation Classic Judging

Sample: # 1000

Sample #1000 from Cultivation Classic 2016 Judging

  • Nose: 5
  • Taste: 4
  • Effect: 9

Notes: 1.1grams 9:54AM Smells like sweet skunk cannabis with limonene terps… Almost a little closer to Sweet Island Skunk than Lemon Skunk? Nice tight trim with light greens and orange hairs.  Found a tiny bug (fungus gnat?), yep organic pesticide free, lol no big deal… The taste isn’t quite there… Has nice lemon and skunk flavors, but also some grassy notes… Not sure if this is just outdoor/nature or perhaps the dry/cure was a little short.  10:33AM Feeling good, motivated, positive attitude.  10:57AM Bong – smoke tastes exactly like bubblegum…VERY surprised by that!

1000Newcleous NurseriesGranny SmithTHC INDOOR

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