Sample #10 -6535 – Cultivation Classic Judging

Sample: # 6535

Sample #6535 from Cultivation Classic 2016 Judging

  • Nose: 5
  • Taste: 5
  • Effect: 10

Notes: 1.1grams 8:7AM – Initial smells are skunk and citrus (lemon?) reminds me of lemon skunk.  Tight trim job, looks like a sativa. Swollen calyxes – looks great! Super fruity has a sweet candy smell LOVE the scent.  Tastes just like it smells, has lots of limonene flavor as well as a great skunky cannabis.  8:52AM Uplifting, energetic, focused. 9:21AM- Still feeling good, calm, energetic and focused.  9:49AM Bong – lemon flavored smoke, strong.  10:09AM Really enjoying this strain for the creative work I do.  11:26AM  Still feeling good!

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