Sample #9 -4753 – Cultivation Classic Judging

Sample: # 4753

Sample #4753 from Cultivation Classic 2016 Judging

  • Nose: 5
  • Taste: 4
  • Effect: 8

Notes: 1.1 gram sample: 10:02AM First smells out of the jar are like orange peel, with almost no scent of cannabis! Nice dense bud, great trim job and shape. Looks like outdoor possibly.  Darker greens & brown hairs. Once the nug was cracked sweet smells came through, also a little earthy and notes of cannabis.  A nice calm balanced effect.  10:22AM- Feeling good cerebrally, as well as the body…  10:40AM Great smoke flavor out of the bong, sweeter to smoke.  11:54AM feel like the effects where very nice, the duration could have been a little longer for me ideally.

4753Applegate Valley OrganicsTangielandTHC OUTDOOR

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