Cultivation Classic Judge – Resinated Lens

I am honored and excited to be selected as Cultivation Classic judge which is being held April 30th in Portland, Oregon presented by Farma , Willamette Week and Cascadia Labs – The Cultivation Classic is “Oregon’s only cannabis competition for soil-grown flower without synthetic pesticides, herbicides or mineral salt fertilizer”.

There where 99 entries submitted for the classic, a panel of 60 judges have been selected to blind test 14 strains within a 15 day test period. Judges consist of growers, brewers, chefs, bakers, artists, athletes, and industry professionals. It is suggested that each judge test one strain per day, at the same time.  I’ve decided I’m going to judge my daily strain each morning, before consuming anything else for the day.  That will help establish a consistent base.

Cultivation Classic Judges are asked to submit a score for the following:

  • Nose: 0 – 5 points
  • Taste: 0 – 5 points
  • Effect: : 0 – 5 points
  • Notes: 2-5 Sentences providing feedback for the grower.

Categories Will Include:

+ Best CBD
+ Best Outdoor THC
+ Best 1:1
+ Best Greenhouse THC
+ Best Indoor THC


I’ve received my kit with a Pax 2 included, so awesome!  Can’t wait to start tomorrow. I will be posting my judges with their 4 digit identifier in my blog, and will go back and update with strain names and cultivators after the competition. -RL



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