I’ve always loved visiting a grow, what a lot of people don’t realize is how very different they all are. The arrangement of tables, racks, lighting, watering systems and variance of marijuana strains. Sunlight vs HPS vs LED, the nutrients, feeding system, utilization of space, etc.  Within all of the variables, gardens make for unique lighting, composition, backgrounds and challenges.


The quintessential product shot of the cannabis industry is the flower shot. I have captured literally hundreds of thousands of bud shots, and it never gets old! Is it indoor or outdoor? Hand trimmed or machine? Compact bud, or larfy?  How are those trichomes looking?


Photographing concentrates can be similar to capturing a sunrise or a sunset. The light shimmering across warm colors creates magical moments.  Sometimes it can be dark and cloudy and creativity is necessary to take the shot to the next level.


Creative and consistent product photography has a direct impact on sales. A nice well-lit background in a series of photos can take your brochure or website from mediocre to polished. Product shots may be a standard necessity, but they don’t have to be boring. I will help get customers as excited about your products as you are.

Marketing, Advertising and Social Media

The right authentic image can launch an advertising or marketing campaign. There isn’t much posted publicly these days without some sort of image attached. Stock photos only work for news, blogs or aggregated sources without losing trust from the viewer. Customers expect to see original content and have become accustomed to ignoring stock photography much like they do annoying animated and flashing website banner advertisements. Compelling original content works.